Star Wrist Tattoo

The act of modifying ones body by tattooing has a rich history and evidence of this practice can be found as far back as neolithic man in the year 3300 BC.  Modern tattoos can be located almost anywhere on one body.   A very sought after tattoo location is the wrist tattoo.  Wrist tattoos are a very popular choice for many people wanting to get a body tattoo. It might be their first tattoo or a supplement to a collection of tattoos they already have.

Why are wrist tattoos so popular?

  • It’s usually a small tattoo which is great for first timers who want to get started but are still unsure.
  • Takes less time to design and ink a small tattoo so any discomfort felt or pain associated with getting tattooed is short lived and usually bearable by most patrons.
  • Costs less then an arm sleeve tattoo or body tattoo.
  • It is a highly noticeable location which allows it to be seen most of the time.

Wrist Tattoo can include a fairly small image or tattoo lettering on the inside of the wrist or a band or bracelet type of Tattoo Designs that encircles the entire wrist.  Any image can work well in the wrist area provided it isn’t too large.

Wrist Tattoo

Wrist Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo should be something meaningful to the person who has it.  A wrist tattoo is difficult to hide and can easily be viewed by the tattooed individual.  Making this location an ideal spot to remind the bearer of someone or something.   Many people use lettering write a quote, a name or a meaningful word that triggers a memory in them.  There several small images as well that can inspire and motivate.  Several people choose stars as a possible wrist tattoo.  The star symbol looks great in many sizes or colors and can be incorporated with other images to express a feeling, thought, belief or dream.

Star Tattoos

The star image has multiple meanings and has been around for thousands of years.  The star tattoo, whether it is an elaborate drawing, with color or a simple line drawing is one of the most popular  tattoo designs seen today. The star image can have several different forms depending on the history or meaning.  One common design is the 5 pointed star also known as the pentagram.  The pentagram is commonly referred to in witch craft as an image of protection to the bearer.  This star image can also be associated with evil spirits and shunned by many people as anti-establishment. This star is commonly drawn with 5 equal lines with five points.  In some versions, all of the lines used to draw the five points can be visible allowing it to look like a continuous line.

A  star image can represents a deep religious belief and demonstrate a devotion of this faith to all that see it as well as be a reminder or encouragement to the tattooed individual that they are not alone.   The Star of David, is a six pointed star and is commonly used in the Jewish faith.

Many individuals, whether religious or not, see the star tattoo as a representation of hope, dreams, magic, the spirit and achievements.  For some the star tattoo idea is a reminder to try and never give up. Being placed on the wrist allows it to be a constant reminder of one dreams and hopes.

Most tattoo designs that incorporate multiple images will also include the star image.  The star adds a certain magical if not mystical essence to the design.  In many cases the star image is the focus of the wrist tattoo while other element compliment and add to the overall design.

The color of the star is easily customized for a specific meaning and can reflect individuals preference.  It works easily within any design or size requirements.  Regardless of the star shape, size, style or color, the image works easily as a ideal wrist tattoo that will be loved and adorned for many years.